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Case Study Post Laminectomy Patient

Case Study Post Laminectomy

A 70 year old female patient presented into the clinic in the fall 2013 presenting with sharp lower back pain. The patient reported suffering from a strong pain refering from her back down her leg into her right calf. The timing of her pain was constant. She reported daily activities like standing 10 minutes would increase her pain levels. She was using a prescription pain releiver hydrocondine multiple times daily. The patient also had gone through a laminectomy on L4-L5 vertebra level in November of 2012. She reported six months after completing the spinal surgury her same pain returned in her leg. The patient was extremely frustrated and scheduled for a second spinal surgury. She later canceled the second surgical procedure on her spine and started looking for an alternative.

The patient was put through an extensive orthopedic and neurologic examination which reveiled severly altered biomechanics of the lumbar spine with severe pain on 4 out of 6 of her ranges of motion. The patient had many different orthopedic tests that showed positive verifing disc and facet joint damage. The patient also showed a great amount of muscle weakness in the lower legs. Muscle spasms where found throughout her lower back and gluts.

After careful review of her exam findings and comparision to her MRI findings she was recommended a series of 30 non-surgical decompression treatments. After a series of ten treatments she reported she no longer had any lower back pain. She was re-evalued and measured a 14% improvement orthopedically. She was still suffering from leg and calf pain when standing for longer than 10 minutes although her pain has level has lessened. She had now reduced her pain medication by 50%.

The patient continued to progress and completed the DRS Protocol (Decompression, Reduction, Stabilation Protocol) and ultimately reached a 90% improvement in her overall symptoms. She has been stable and currently reports no pain her back or leg. She has since eliminated the need for pain medication. She is now able to stand and walk for longer than 10 minutes with out any back or leg symptoms.

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