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Warning Signs of Sciatica

What are the most common warning signs you are developing sciatica?

Some indications you are starting to develop sciatica in the near future are listed below.

Extremely tight hamstrings

Tightness across Lower Back

Stiffness in the Hips and Gluts

Electrical Shooting Pain down the leg into the foot that seems to go away quickly

Lateral Calf Burning

Sharp Pain in the Glut Muscles that seems to go away

Pain across the lower back traveling into the glut muscle

Do not wait until the nerve is severely damaged to then take action. Waiting to long can make the condition more difficult to treat and lead to more permanent damage. If you are suffering with lower back tightness or sciatic pain give our office a call and schedule your visit today.

Dr. Nicholas LaHood

Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness Center

9932 Mercy Rd

San Diego, CA 92129



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