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Light Therapy and Increased Vasodilation

By: Dr. Nicholas LaHood, D.C.

Impaired wound healing and lack of blood flow to the foot is a common complication associated with diabetes with complex underlying mechanisms and often leads to amputation of the toes and feet. With the advancement in light therapy and laser technology this therapy improves the circulation of the feet. Low Level Light Therapy is an intense laser light that is absorbed by the skin and cells of the feet. This is called LLLT or photobiomodulation therapy and has shown a vast improvement in circulation and wound healing of the feet. At the correct laser parameters, LLLT has shown to increase migration, viability, and proliferation of diabetic cells, there is a stimulatory effect on the mitochondria with a resulting increase in adenosine triphosphate (ATP). In addition, LLLT also has an anti-inflammatory and protective effect on these cells. In light of the ever present threat of diabetic foot ulcers, infection, and amputation, new improved therapies in the form of light therapy help treat neuropathy pain and avoid amputation.

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