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Subluxation, What is it?

A subluxation is a term used by physicians, mainly chiropractic physicians, which describes a vertebral bone out of its normal joint position and interfering with the local nerve root. The subluxation can be located at any vertebral segement in the patients spine. Subluxations will interfere with local nerve this interference can alter normal tissue function it affects both outgoing and incoming nerve impulses along the compressed nerve root.

Understanding a subluxation alters the position of the joint changing the biomechanics and altering movement of the spine. Altering the position of the joint changes the load capability and balance of the joint. The structure quickly alters similar to the framing of a house, or building. If the underlining structure or supports are altered it will affect the roof structure and overall strength of the house or building. Mostly, it weakens the structure. A subluxated joint is much weaker that a non-subluated joint. The biomechanical movements are altered mostly decreasing the range of motion. Interference to local nerve tissue will create local muscle spasms shortening and decresing range of motion. Long term muscle spasms will create a trigger point in the muscle belly, a chronic painful spasm. Subluxations will decrease the health of the patient weaking the skelatal structure and decreasing proper nerve function.

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