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Non Surgical Treatment for Neck and Back Pain

Have you been told that you need epidural shots or cortizone injections into your back to relieve your back pain? Have you already been through several series of injections and have little to no improvement on your neck or back pain, and now are facing neck or back surgury? I want to tell you are not alone, there are hundreds of thousands of people with this exact situation. Weather you have a degenerative or herniated disc pressing on and injuring your nerve roots, I want to tell you I can help you.

My non-surgical spinal decompression protocol, called the DRS Protocol is a "patient based" protocol that non-surgically treats painful herniated and degenerative disc of the spine. If you are suffering from constant lower back pain or sciatic pain in your leg. I have a pain free, comfortable treatment system to eliminate your pain naturally. The DRS Protocol works by safely distracting the vertebral bodies apart and relieving the painful compression on the nerve root. This safe spinal decompression will allow fluid to be pulled in to the annular fibers of the injured dry disc. This fluid will carry nutrients in to the cracks and fissures of the annular ligaments that the injuried weakened disc needs to heal. The increased flow of nutrients in to the nucleus of the disc and decrease in spinal pressure on the facet joints aid in the healing process of the spine and lower back area. This in combination of theraputic modalities will aid in the overall improvement of the patient. We see patient improve where they were otherwise facing complex invasive back surgery. If you are looking for a patient based program that is a non-invasive way to treat back pain you have found it the DRS Protocol.

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