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Psoas muscle is a major muscle group normally found is taught and in spasm with patients with sciatic pain. Sciatica is referral pain appearing in the gluts or the upper or lower leg and foot. Some patients have pain symptoms just in the leg some have pain symptoms both the back and leg. This diagnosis originates in the lower back presenting with severe symptoms in the leg or side of leg and calf. If you are suffering with sciatic pain a natural treatment that will help is to stretch your psoas muscles. The best way to stretch your psoas muscle is to lie flat on your stomach on the floor and while keeping your hips and navel flat on the ground push up with you hands extending your head and shoulders upward. You will feel a strong stretch across your abdominal region. If this increases your back pain discontinue and see a physician immediately. A second way to stretch the psoas is to get into a lounge position with your back leg extended while your opposite leg is stationary. See the picture below. Now bring your torso upward and extend your head and shoulders backwards. You will feel a large pull across your abdominal region. If you are in need of help with your symptoms please contact or office and setup a free consultation. My mission is to help as many people as possible avoid back surgery and needless medications.

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