Alternative to Gabapentin in treating Peripheral Neuropathy Pain and Balance Problems

By: Dr. Nicholas LaHood, D.C.

Finally, a safe alternative treatment that can actually stop peripheral neuropathy from getting worse. This FDA cleared and medically safe therapy can penetrate underneath the skin to stimulate the damaged nerves noninvasively in the feet and hands to stop peripheral neuropathy and improve balance.

This is Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), this therapy is also called Photo-Biomodulation Therapy (PBTM). It has been investigated because of its relationship with the tissue recovery process, such as nerve damage. There are over 54 articles documented in peer related journals and, medical reviewed journals that PBMT will accelerate the process of nerve regeneration. It does this by increasing several different cellular factors which will increase the number of myelinated fibers in the nerve.

Other Benefits:

Improvement in Electrical Function of Nerve Tissue

Better Immunoreactivity

Decrease Inflammation

Decrease in Pain!