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Understanding the patients condition through a chiropractic examination

Understanding the patients condition is a top priority for myself as a chiropractic physician. Taking a very through medical history is always done initially to understand the patients condition and its severity. Also, to see if the patient is a canidate for the chiropractic services I provide. It also helps the chiropractic physician understand if there are any contraindications to treating the patient safely. If any contraindications arise during the history or the examination the patient would be dismissed and refered to a different medical office due to the severity of the patients condition.

Obtaining the full medical history will allow the chiropractic physician to correctly examine the area of complaint properly to determine if the symptoms are from a musculoskeletal origin or a more severe disc related injury. Different orthopedic and neurological testing is performed during the exam to help the doctor determine the extend of the patients condition. The outcome of these tests will guide the doctor into recommending any further testing like an x-ray exam or an MRI exam of the patients area of complain complaint. The chiropractic physician will then see if there is correlation between the exam findings and the films ordered and determine the correct course of care for the patient. This is really evidence based chiropractic case if there is no evidence supporting a diagnosis you really don't have any direction for care. So understanding the patients condition through a chiropractic examination is essential for each patient seeking care.

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