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Natural Relief for Sciatica Pain

Sciatic pain is literally a pain in the rear end. It affects millions of Americans each year and one of the leading reasons for doctor visits associated with lower back pain. The sciatic nerve is a branch of nerves that travels from the spine around the pelvis, through muscles and distributes down the back of your leg. There are branches of this sciatic nerve bundle that wrap into the inner thigh and also down the side of the calf and into the toes. Normally when the sciatic nerve becomes irritated you will begin to feel tightness in the back of your leg. It may feel like a tight muscle that needs to be stretched. Over time as more of the nerve is irritated you may realize it is not a muscle as it starts to appear more of a dull ache in the gluteal muscle or the back of your leg the hamstring. The most common site for the sciatic nerve to become irritated or injured is at the intervertebral foramina where the nerve root exits the spine column. This boney area is the exact area where we see most of the inflammation occurring to the nerve creating symptoms in the leg. Most commonly the nerve becomes injured from a misaligned vertebra or bulging disc in the L3, L4, L5 region of the lower back.

A natural way to treat sciatic pain is to release the pressure on the nerve root and let the nerve heal on its own. Gentle computerized spinal alignments can relieve nerve root pain which causes sciatica. It you have a disc pressing against the nerve root a non-surgical DRS decompressive treatment is the safest most non-invasive way to pull the tissue away from the intervertebral foramina where it is striking the nerve. If you have an MRI report that reads a degenerative disc and you have sciatic pain, or a herniated disc and you suffer from sciatic pain. Call the office to discuss your conservative options on getting rid of pain and getting you back to enjoying life. Imagine what it would be like to be pain free. Call 858-987-8282 and mention this blog.

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