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Finding the True Cause of your condition

With society today there are so many people living with painful symptoms such as migraines, back pain, shoulder or leg pain or even arthritis. The American Journal of Medicine classifies all of these disorders as “Functional Disorders”. A lot of these people are told that they must either live with their painful condition or take a prescription medication to cover up the symptoms for the remainder of their life. Let me be clear functional disorders of the body are treatable when the underlying cause is located and treated.

For example you have a leak in your roof you are not going to listen to a roofer that tells you. “You have to live with the leak forever, it’s not fixable.” You are going to consult with as

many roofers as needed until one of them finds the underlying cause of the leak and fixes it. This is the same concept for your body there are two types of conditions that occur. One is Contagious and Infectious diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis, measles these are diseases from an infectious agent entering the body from the outside.

Functional disorders start from a malfunction from inside the body. For example if your car does not starting in the morning, it is not because of anything external to the car like the parking spot you put it in, or the car that you parked next to. These are not the reasons the car is malfunctioning. It’s not starting because of an internal functional disorder like, the alternator or the battery (something inside). This is the same for functional disorders of the body. If you have a migraine headache or lower back pain. This is a symptom that is telling you something is malfunctioning and if you find the true cause of the symptom or malfunction you will be able to fix the disorder.

The methods we use at the clinic are truly unique; because they are unique we often get results no one else can. What makes our results unique is that we look at what no one else is looking at. If you have a functional disorder we look for a functional problem inside the body. Functional disorders come from the inside of the body. Contagious disorders come from the outside of the body.

Asthma is a functional disorder with the lungs as listed in the Medical Journal of Medicine. You cannot develop asthma in a healthy set of lungs. You will only develop asthma in a malfunctioning set of lungs.

I hope this helps you understand that keeping and maintaining your health is possible at all ages, and stages of life. If you are feeling lousy or not so great maybe it’s time for a checkup.

If you are suffering from neck pain or back pain in Poway or Rancho Bernardo pick up the phone and call today. Call Dr. Nicholas LaHood and receive a thorough evaluation to see if any functional disorders are robbing the life out of your days.

Specializing in Treating Lower Back and Neck Pain in North County San Diego.

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