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Steroid Injections for Sciatic Pain

By: Dr. Nicholas LaHood, D.C.

Are you recommended a long needle epidural injection just to help you get some relief from your sciatic pain? Are you told you may need back surgery? Stop and breathe for a minute, back surgery is permanent. There is another way. There is a safer way to treat your sciatica with out painful steroid injections without weeks of muscle relaxers and pain killers. There are much safer options then having back surgery.

We have helped hundreds of patients with the most severe cases of back and leg pain on a weekly basis with out drugs and surgery. This is an advanced therapeutic protocol called the DRS Protocol. It stands for Decompression, Reduction, and Stabilization. It consists of modern computerized joint treatments and gentle therapeutic disc treatments to ease the pressure of a degenerative or herniated disc without surgery. If you are suffering with back or leg pain call our office today and ask for an evaluation to see if we can help you as we have helped hundreds before you. Call today! 858-987-8282.


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